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Our non-emergency patient transport service includes:

  • Wheelchair accessible transport short and long distances

  • Medication Delivery 

  • Bariatric transport

  • Home visits for assessments and discharges

  • Hospital transfers

  • Transport to and from hospital admissions, outpatient clinics, specialist clinics, and non medical locations. 


Please note that this is not an emergency service. For immediate assistance during emergencies, please contact 999.

Our Services



Providing transport services for the NHS is both an honor and a vital responsibility. At ABS Medical Transportation, we take great pride in supporting the National Health Service by offering safe and efficient transport solutions. Our commitment to the NHS goes beyond just being a service provider; it's a partnership aimed at ensuring patients, healthcare professionals, and medical supplies reach their destinations promptly and securely. We understand the critical nature of healthcare logistics, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to guarantee that patients receive the care they need, and healthcare staff can access the resources required for their crucial work. ABS Medical Transportation is privileged to be a part of the healthcare ecosystem, contributing to the well-being of our communities by facilitating the movement of people and resources with care and compassion.



Catering to the unique and personalised transportation needs of our private clients is at the core of what we do at ABS Medical Transportation. We understand that each client is different, and we take pride in providing a tailored and discrete service that ensures you or your loved ones receive the highest standard of care. Whether it's scheduled medical appointments, special events, or daily mobility requirements, our focus is on making your journey as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. With ABS Medical Transportation, you're not just a client; you're a valued member of our extended family. We're here to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing you have a dependable, private transportation partner you can trust. Your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we're here to exceed your expectations with every ride.



In the world of care homes, reliable transportation is a lifeline for residents and staff alike. At ABS Medical Transportation, we understand the unique needs and responsibilities of care homes, and we're here to be your trusted transportation partner. Our services are designed to ensure that residents receive prompt and comfortable transportation to medical appointments, social outings, and various other engagements. We work closely with care home staff to create a seamless and secure transportation experience, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of residents throughout their journey. ABS Medical Transportation is not just a service; we're a vital component of the care and support system within your home. Let us take the worry out of transportation, so you can focus on what matters most – providing top-notch care and ensuring the happiness and safety of your residents.

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