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  • Who are we?
    We are ABS Patient transport; a private non-emergency patient transport service for patients who are going to or from medical appointments, vaccines, care homes and other healthcare-related locations. All our drivers are medically trained and are able to support the patient from the moment of collection to the drop-off. We are an official supplier to the NHS hospitals. And an ICO certified company which means all service users data is secured in our data base, it is very important for us to have your valuable feedback. So that we can make sure all our staff members are delivering the same level of care and services.
  • What is ABS Patient Transport?
    ABS Patient Transport is a UK-based service specialising in the non-emergency transportation of patients to and from healthcare facilities. They provide reliable, safe, and comfortable transport solutions tailored to the needs of individuals requiring medical assistance or mobility support. Services include transport for hospital appointments, inter-hospital transfers, and discharge from healthcare facilities. With a team of trained staff and well-equipped vehicles, ABS Patient Transport ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care and punctuality during their journey.
  • Is it a taxi service?
    No. We are a private Non-Emergency Patient Transport service for disabled adults, children and the elderly. This means we offer transport services for those heading to a healthcare or medical facility, any outings or planned destinations.
  • Is it an emergency ambulance service?
    No. We are a Non-Emergency patient transport service. This means all our services are pre-booked with at least 24 to 48 hours notice. However, we can take last minute bookings but they will include a last minute call out fee of £20
  • Do you provide transport for social events?
    We can provide transport for the patient who wants to go to the social events if booked in advanced.
  • Why are feedback forms asked for?
    We love hearing your feedback to help us know what we did well and where we can improve. With 5 minutes of your time, we can know exactly how your experience with us went so we know how to move forward with our service.
  • Why use ABS Patient Transport?
    We deliver a level of care that typical taxi services will not provide. We can bring the patient out from the house into the vehicle and assist them every step of the way. Plus, we are cheaper than other ambulance’s which offer the same service we do, making us more affordable whilst still meeting your needs. We also offer a chaperone service that allows our staff to go into appointments with the service user and help them every step of the way. We have our own wheelchairs that can be hired and used for the day.
  • How much does the service cost?
    We believe our prices to be very reasonable for the level of service you get. We cost more than a typical taxi service, due to the level of professional care you will receive, however, we are cost-effective and more affordable than other ambulance services. Our starting prices for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle begin from £15, then £2.80 for each mile after, one way. Waiting charges are extra. For Chaperones, waiting time charges, support workers and wheelchair hires please click our book now link or give us a call.
  • How long does the whole booking process take?
    You must get in contact with us at least 24-48 hours before the required pickup time because it can take up to 24 hours to get your booking confirmed. To get in contact with us, submit an enquiry through our website, so we can get back to you for a risk assessment ASAP.
  • After booking the service, if I need to cancel, how can I get my refund?
    we are pre-booked and pre-paid service, and we block the vehicle for the time you have booked. So, if you are cancelling before 48 hours of the journey you can get a refund. If you cancel between 24-48 hours of your booked journey, nothing is refundable. Because once we book your ride, we won’t accept any other booking during that time. As a business, we can’t accept the last-minute loss of business.
  • After booking, can I change my travel date?
    Yes, you can always change your travel date before 48 hours of your journey. You will be charged a £20 journey amendment fee for that. Between 24-48 hours of your journey, no changes are possible. As a pre-booked and pre-paid service, we block the vehicle for your service. As we get many calls every day, and we can’t take more journeys than any of our existing vehicles. So, we don’t accept any last-minute changes and cancellations.
  • Why do I need to do a risk assessment?
    Risk assessments take roughly 10-30 minutes and are completed through a phone call. They are very useful for us to understand the layout of each location. You may even be asked to send us a picture of some steps that a person may need carrying down, if necessary. They also allow us to understand an overview of the patient’s needs so we can provide the best level of possible care, support and make sure they have a safe and comfortable journey.
  • What if I am not satisfied with your services and I need to make a complaint?
    We try to give the best of care to each and every client of ours. But due to some unforeseen circumstances and reasons, you may not be happy with our services. You can always make a complaint with the driver. As in every vehicle we have a complaint form. Also, you can make a complaint online from our website If you wish, your identity can be kept confidential and discrete or you can send us an email to our team
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